Share Full Width YouTube Videos
Directly On Your Facebook Newsfeed.

A better way to share YouTube videos with your Facebook community



More Exposure

Our larger player gives you more exposure to increase your YouTube views.

Higher Click Rates

More exposure means you’ll get more click through rates to your videos.

Mobile Friendly

Our links work on the Facebook App and across all major browser applications.

The Problem: Non-Facebook Videos are Small

It’s no secret, Facebook videos get more attention and traction than any other type of video that gets shared on Facebook.

Can you blame them? No. But it does annoy anyone who operates a successful blog or YouTube channel for a living.

Lower Click Through Rates

Because of the size, people scroll over non-Facebook videos – you know this.

Less Likes and Shares

For the most part, non-Facebook videos get lower likes, comments, shares, and impressions.

The Solution: Use FB API’s to Make Them Bigger

We love Facebook and we love their API. We have tapped into their API and Open Graph Protocols to take YouTube videos and turn them into videos you can share full width on your Facebook pages. This increases your views, impressions, and interactions.

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